Specialist Sled Dog Grooming

I was a qualified groomer before I became the owner of 2 malamutes, (should have known better about all that fur right?!) and I was shocked when I found out that owners had taken their dogs to the groomers only to have them shaved, or "furminated"!

As a groomer I was always passionate about refusing to unnecessarily shave double coated breeds and couldn't quite believe that there were groomers out there practising this as normal grooming techniques so with this in mind I decided to offer a specialist grooming service where owners could be certain that their sled dog would be groomed only as they should be. 

I only groom one dog at a time so there is no need for dogs to be waiting around in kennels, crates or a noisy salon and I will work at a pace your dog is comfortable with. 

Full Groom ​

Brush out using a combination of wide tooth comb, slicker brush & rake

Detangle where necessary using a conditioning spray, comb and matt breaker

Bath & massage with appropriate shampoo (shedding, detangling, whitening, sensitive etc)

Conditioning treatment

Blast and blow out to dry coat and remove more shedding fur

Nail Trim

Spritz and final coat comb

Ear cleaning if appropriate

Muddy Moots treat bag


£40 Husky & £45 Malamute 

£10 Surcharge applicable for matted or woolly coats

10% of all grooms are donated to SHARE husky rescue.

Brush Out

Conditioning treatment on dry coats to prevent damage whilst brushing

Thorough brush out of undercoat using combs, rake & slicker brush

Removal of any knots and matts

Nail Trim




           £10 surcharge applicable for matted or woolly coats

10% of all grooms donated to SHARE husky rescue.

Sled Dog 101

If you would rather learn how to groom your sled dog yourself or just like to know some techniques for keeping their coat under control in between grooms then I can visit you and your dog in your home to show you practical methods used in grooming. This will include:

Which tools you should and shouldn't use & why

How to fix a matted coat

How to help your dog enjoy the grooming process

Coat structure and why its important not to shave a double coat.

Muddy Moots Grooming notes to keep and refer back to.