Recommended Reading

Recommended Support & Training

Kay9 Services & Pets in Practice are both positive only based trainers who deal with a lot of reactivity issues and run special sessions to help you learn how to work with your dog safely & positively


Reactive Dogs (UK)

Reactive Dogs (UK) is a fantastic Facebook group set up to offer support and advice to owners of reactive dogs.

Recommended toys and equipment

Snuffle Mat for brain


Snuffle Mat for brain


Pheremone & herbal sprays/collars

for calming

Interactive toys for brain stimulation

Harness with 2 connection points for comfort & control

Thundershirt for calming

Muzzle for extra safety when needed

Yellow Dog UK Stock Vests, Bandanas & lead ribbons to help people know that your dog needs more space.
Pawsitive enrichment company sell lots of interactive toys and games which are great for reactive dogs needing some quiet time at home.