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Muddy Moots are CRB checked, fully insured and canine first aid trained As I am always looking to learn and increase my knowledge and skills this page will be kept up to date with all relevant training, seminars and courses undertaken.

Qualifications & Courses

Grooming Level 1 & 2  Completed at Merrist Wood 2007

Pro Groom Expo attended

Animal Reception Centre London - Reptile Handling Course 2012

David Ryan's Bite & Fight Seminar completed 2014

Dr Ian Dunbars Growl Class completed 2016

Pro Trainings Canine First Aid Course completed 2016

All about Animals Home checker course completed 2016

Dr Ian Dunbars preventing aggression workshop completed 2017

IMDT Canine body language course completed May 2017

Jo-Rosie Haffenden Dog-Dog Aggression Case Study Seminar June 2017

Interactive Play Keynote seminar with Craig Ogilvie Sept 2017

Multi Dog Household Seminar with Sian Ryan Oct 2017

Canine Aggression with Ian Dunbar Oct 2017

IMDT Canine aggression and rehabilitation course completed Dec 2017

School of Canine Science - Nutrition and Behaviour 2019

School of Canine Science - Learning Theory 2019

IMDT - Preparing Dogs for the Vet - 2020

Dog Law - 2020

Canine Principles - Dog Rescuers - 2020

Canine Principles - Dogs and Children - 2020

Canine Principles - Canine Bonding and Play - 2020
School of Canine Science - Puppy Lab 2020

School of Canine Science - Scent for 6 months - In Progress

Canine Principles - Inspiring Resilience in Reactive Dogs - In Progress

Canine Principles - Puppy Care, Health & Coaching - In Progress

School of Canine Science - The Behaviour Bible - In Progress

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